5 Ways to Increase Your Motivation

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Have you ever gone trekking only to discover that the climb is much harder than you thought? How do you feel? Does it challenge you or does it deject you? Do you feel withdrawn?

It is absolutely normal to feel discouraged when what awaits you seems much larger than your cup can hold. But have you ever wondered why it is so? The most common reason for feeling discouraged or inefficient is when we look at the objective as one, large, complex entity; almost impossible to achieve.

However, most of the time what works wonderfully is to break that mountain back into a molehill – break down your humongous task into multiple, small tasks. With every tiny accomplishment you will automatically feel recharged to take the next step. Pause to look back how far you have come.

And before you realize, you would have completed that herculean trek!

Learn more such simple ways that can be imbibed in daily routine – be at work or personal front, through this amazing course.

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