How To Create Your Own Happiness In Life

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Do your parents give it? Does it come from your children? Does your spouse hold it? Or Does your boss control it?

The answer is none. No one, except YOU, can determine it or destroy it.

Have you ever noticed a baby lying on bed and laughing away all alone by itself looking at the fan?

Yes, we are talking about Happiness! The very happiness which each one of us are entitled to in abundance. It is pure joy which we give to ourselves irrespective of the age or stage of life. It is independent of others and intrinsic to oneself. 

There is no limit or definition for happiness. It is a state of mind. And what better tool than mind which can be groomed in any fashion. Why not groom it for receiving happiness? 

Discover the simplest ways of creating your own happiness with this informative “Course-on-the-Go”, which is available for instant access on any device, anytime as per your convenience.

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