7 Positive Habits Of Happy And Successful Individuals



Do you often put your best effort but still miss the bus of success? Does that long-awaited promotion go to someone even though you have given it all the whole year? Do you ever wonder what it is that you lack which others have?

Habits! Yes, habits!

As small as they may seem, our tiniest of habits determine our whole day and eventually our whole life. We get so comfortable with our habits that we think what we do is best.

We often forget to “review” these habits which make or break us. This is a sure shot recipe for failure in the long run. We stop growing when we stop learning, unlearning and re-learning.

But which habits are we exactly talking about? How do you know which ones are to be picked up, which ones are to be dropped? What is it that makes people successful? Explore these 7 powerful habits that will enrich your happiness quotient and transform you into a successful individual.

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